Since 1996

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and manufacturing some of the finest artisanal and top-grade leathers,
focusing on accentuating the natural characteristics of the leather.


The Pietermaritzburg tannery was established in 1878 with the current owners taking over in 1996.

We take a hands-on approach and are actively involved in the day to day operations at the tannery and in ensuring service excellence.

Safety First

Safety First

We are committed to our Responsibilities in respect of Safety, Health and the Environment.


We offer a broad base of tannages, ranging from modern drum tannages to combination tannages.


We are based in the hub of Pietermaritzburg, otherwise known as the City of Choice.

The history behind the tannery

The tannery was built in 1878 by a German resident, Mr. Hogh and he named it Sutherlands Tannery.

The dyeing / tanning process

This full grain bovine VEG leather is drum or pit tanned using tannins and ingredients from wattle bark extract, or using a combination tannage method combining VEG tannins and Chromium Sulphate.

Product types we supply for

The tannery provides high-quality full-grain bovine VEG leather for a number of products:

  • Saddles
  • Equestrian Tack
  • Belts
  • Insoles
  • Bags
  • Knife Holsters
  • Dog Collars
  • Wallets
  • Shoe Uppers
  • Upholstery


Kip Leather

This leather is used for a variety of products such as insoles, dog collars, knife holsters, belts, handbags and it is an excellent product for leather crafters to use.

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Bridle Backs

This leather is ideal for making saddles, bridle, stirrups, legging straps and other equestrian tack.

Riempies 2

Alum Backs & Riempies

This is a special tannage that is primarily used in the furniture business where the white alum backs are cut into strips of ± 1.6 – 2 meters in length, known as Riempies.


Chrome/VEG sides – Bagging Leather

The Chrome/VEG sides will be suitable for bagging, wallets, shoes and upholstery.

The finishing process

Our processes make use of the experience of our artisans to handle the leather with machinery trusted over the years, but with modern skills applied.

A word from our customers

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