Finishing Process

Our processes make use of the experience of our artisans to handle the leather with machinery trusted over the years, but with modern skills applied.

Know your leather

The experienced and skilled artisans of our finishing department apply their extensive expertise in creating custom finishes and colours.

These are implemented to enhance the natural beauty of our leather.

The finishes we provide are:

open aniline

Aniline Finish

This finish is used to enhance the natural beauty of our leather while emphasising the unique surface characteristics of the hide. Aniline leather is coloured only with dye to enhance its appearance and offer slight protection against spillages and soiling.


Semi-Aniline Finish

This finish is more durable than aniline while retaining a natural appearance. A light surface coating aids in increased durability and contains a small amount of pigment. This assists in keeping a consistent colour and imparts some stain resistance.


Pigmented Finishing

This finishing is applied using a solid pigment coating for consistency in colour and texture. The pigment may be used to cover imperfections.


Oil Pull-up Finishing

The leather that has been treated with oils in such a way that when the leather is pulled or bent, the finish becomes lighter in certain areas. The colour will later return to normal. The Oil creates a protective coating, enhances the base dye colour and nourishes the leather fibres.

Antique 2

Antique Finishing

A measured combination of aniline dye and hot wax is used to create the antique finish. This gives the leather an extreme pull up effect. The finish is re-polishable.

Rustic 1

Rustic Finishing

A combination of aniline dye and wax is used to create the rustic finish. This provides the leather with a natural, high quality, classic look.


Waxes Finishing

The pull-up effect creates an antique look that will become more pronounced over time. Waxes provide a protective coating and enhance the base dye colour. When the leather is bent, the base colour becomes lighter and stays this way.


Moss Back Finishing

This is achieved when a resin is applied for smoothing the loose flesh grain and compacting the fibres. It results in an even colour and reduces fibre transfer.


Milling Finishing

This process produces a suppleness in hides.

Un fin 1

Unfinished Leather

This is a naked leather with no additional application intended to finish, colour or treat in any way that would alter the natural characteristics.


Vintage Oil Pull Up

Our vintage oil pull up leather is a full aniline leather with an oil treatment to soften and condition the leather. This leather has a beautiful natural finish that accentuate the natural grain of the leather, highlighting all the little imperfections that make leather, leather. This vintage oil pull up also burnishes exceptionally well.